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Top Ten Most Anticipated Releases for the First Half of 2016:

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Top Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish and this week’s topic is most anticipated releases for the first half of 2016. It’s only 2 more days before the New Year and I am eagerly waiting for some new releases! I am hoping to have another wonderful year of reading and exploring new debuts from new authors, discovering and re discovering new genres, and most of all, having fun with reading so many books!

worlds of ink and shadow

World of Ink and Shadow by Lena Coakley

I love the Bronte sisters so when I heard that this story was based on literacy’s classic families, I immediately added it on my list. I’ve never read a YA story based on literary figures so I’m really curious as how the story is told. 

bookishly ever after

Bookishly Ever After by Isabel Bandeira 

One of my reading goals for next year is to read more contemporary and this title made it to my TBR after reading the synopsis about a girl who finds her first crush and turns to her books for advice. Sounds like something I would do… 

the mystery of the hollow places

The Mystery of Hollow Places by Rebecca Podos

Mysteries have been a hit and miss for me this year so I’m hoping to read more exciting new stories. This one is about a girl who finds her missing father by using his journals as clues and she is also convinced that he was looking for her missing mother too.

these vicious masks

These Vicious Masks by Tarun Shanker 

The first sentence in this synopsis is Jane Austin meets X-Man, a really bizarre way to sell a story. But if the author intentionally wrote that to catch the attention of their readers, then they did a pretty good job. Set in Victorian England, a girl finds out her sister is missing and encounters a strange society of people with odd abilities (I think this is where the X-Man part comes in). 

the girl from everywhere

The Girl from Everywhere by Heidi Heilig

There’s already been a lot of buzz about this book. I’m jealous of the lucky people who received ARCs already because the story sounds really really good! The story weaves myth and legend as we follow a young girl who travels on her father’s time travelling ship from Honolulu to modern day New York.

A Gathering of Shadows Final

A Gathering of Shadows by VE Schwab

I have been waiting for this sequel since finishing A Darker Shade of Magic.

a study in charlotte

A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro

I love reading mysteries and Sherlock Holmes, they are two of my favorite things! Based on A Study in Scarlet we follow two characters that are the descendants of Holmes and Watson. Can anyone hear me fangirling? Because I am!

rebel in the sands

Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton

There’s a djinni and a desert crawling with mythical beasts, and just like that, I was immediately sold!

love lies and spies

Love Lies and Spies by Cindy Anstey

A charming story about a society lady who prefers mechanics to pinafores, and a gentleman who is a spy for the War Office. I love reading stories from the Victorian Era and since I’m looking for another new comedy of manners, I can hardly wait to read this new debut. 

yellow brick war

Yellow Brick War by Danielle Paige

I was a little hesitant to add this on my list but since I’ve read the first two books, I decided that I might as well finish the series. I just hope the last book is better than the sequel because I was really disappointed with that one.


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Most Anticipated Releases for the First Half of 2016:”

  1. I can’t wait for These Vicious Masks, too! (And The Girl from Everywhere, and Rebel of the Sands, and Love, Lies and Spies, and about a million others). It seems as though there are far too many wonderful books coming out in 2016 and I don’t know if I can handle it.

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