Book Haul, Monthly Wrap Up

My December Wrapup + Mini Book Haul


Before I begin I like to apologize for not posting my November wrapup. I’ve been working on a full-time position last year that it was so hard to keep up with my blogging. I had such a difficult time reading too, that I’m sad to say that my November wrapup was very meager. I remember only reading one or two books but that’s it. I think that was the reason I didn’t post a wrapup for that month because I didn’t see the point of discussing only a couple of books. Either that or I was just so preoccupied with my job and the stress that carried with it that I had no energy at all to sit and write. Even writing one review was difficult enough as I would find myself staring at my computer trying to come up with one sentence, and when I do, I suddenly get a writer’s block (if you call that a writer’s block).

Anyways, I’ve realized that I’m babbling now instead of talking about my December wrapup. The good news is that I read more books then in November. Last month I read six books including some holiday themed and a mix of fantasy and paranormal. I’m pretty happy with my selection of books that I wanted to read before the end of the year, and on top of that I also surpassed my reading challenge by reading a total of 57 books!

For December I selected a couple of holiday themed reading material with classics such as The Nutcracker and A Christmas Carol, both were my first time reading and will no doubt be rereading again next Christmas, and every Christmas after that! Next I finished Carry On by Rainbow Rowell that I started in November but due to the length of the story and how stressful my job was, I couldn’t finish it until the month after. It’s a pretty good spinoff to the Simon Snow series and I was thrilled of how well the story played out along with the Simon/Baz romance. Then the final book in the Etiquette and Espionage series arrived in my hands, and as sad that I was to see this series finished, I was pretty satisfied at how it ended in Manners and Mutiny. I was still a little disappointed that we didn’t see more Sophronia and Soap scenes but we definitely saw how much she has grown since her first day in finishing school, while disarming Picklemen all on by herself

Next I started a new series with Darkfever, which is a paranormal romance with faeries and vampires. This was a recommendation made by Lainey from GingerLainey and after hearing her talk about how addictive it was to her, I decided to try it out. She wasn’t wrong! This series is really starting to get a hold of me that I went and bought the sequel right after, and now I have five chapters left in Bloodfever. The last book I read on the last day of the month was Slade House which was the creepiest story I’ve read, and the only one that wouldn’t let me sleep because I was completely absorbed with the characters and the world that is inside Slade House that I just refused to put it down! The story got a hold on me that I can’t explain except that I had to keep reading without putting it aside.

As for my book haul last month, I only bought two titles on Boxing Day when Indigo Chapters was having their 30% off on hardcovers. I didn’t want to spend too much money on books because I already spent enough of it on gifts. I was pretty happy with the choices I made, especially with Slade House which I gave a four star review, and Ice Like Fire which is the sequel to the Snow Like Ashes series I’ve been following since last summer.

So there you have it! My December wrapup and book haul. It’s not much to brag but I’m pretty proud of the selection that I read. Last year was all about completing series such as Miss P’s Peculiar Children and Etiquette and Espionage, while discovering new series such as Throne of Glass and my all time favorite so far, A Darker Shade of Magic. This year is going to be all sorts of excitement as I continue reading series that are on going, new debuts that are releasing, and discovering new authors! How was your December?


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