Book Review

Review: Bloodfever by Karie Marie Moning

bloodfeverPublished: August 28 2007

Number of pages: 317

Format: mass market paperback

Publisher: Dell

Genre: paranormal, horror, thriller and suspense, fantasy, occult

Audience: adult fiction

Rating: 5/5 owl hoots

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Mac must find the Sinsar Dubh, an ancient book that holds dark magic and is the key to the world of fae and man. She continues to be pursued by assassins, and mysterious figures that she can’t resists nor can she trust either. Mac finds herself between two powerful men: V’lane, the immortal fae prince, and Jericho Barrons, a dangerous and irresistible man. For centuries the realm of men and fae coexisted but now the walls from both worlds are crumbling down and Mac stands between them.

My Review: 

After Darkfever, I found myself ripping through this series. It’s becoming so addictive that I went out and bought the rest of the books all in one go!

Mac is becoming more clever, darker, tougher, and feistier that she’s on top of my favorite heroine list. She is no longer the pink Barbie girl from the Southern states, with her blond hair, perfectly tanned body and manicured nails, each painted with her favorite shade of pink. Mac is completely turned into a whole new person that not even her father could recognize anymore. She’s really outgrown herself with a new do-not-underestimate-me-because-I’m-a-woman attitude, which is good thing because the men in the story still continue to be the superior jerks they are. At least most of them are.

Mac continues to tell her story in Bloodfever, after we left off inside the Lord Master’s house. She narrates in her own voice, adding her opinions of everyone she meets in Dublin and describing her continued encounters with the mysterious fae. Her views about Jericho Barrons haven’t changed because he is still the mysterious Alpha male who refuses to let Mac into his personal life. He builds this wall between them because he’s too afraid that she might make him humane so he continues to be this big macho tough guy who’s way to proud of his masculinity. Boring! I really hate reading about male leads like Jericho Barrons, they’re unemotional and insensitive that I’m tired of them. But I admit there were some scenes where Barrons surprised me by showing a flicker of emotion to Mac, but then he immediately turns back to the Alpha male he was. So I guess this is a small improvement to Barron’s character but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

My favorite scenes include Mac exploring Dublin’s secret hiding places that are unknown and unseen by humans, and her continued search of finding her sister’s killer. The old everyday, average girl Mac is now the new Mac 2.0, who’s learned to trust her instincts and act on them, rather than running away from the problem. She’s really learned to stand her ground and demanding answers (even though half the time she doesn’t get them), but Mac is stubborn and would rather choose her own way rather than staying on someone’s side. She has also become very resourceful, using other people’s knowledge, and manipulating them into thinking that she can help them towards their goal. Even though she, Barron, V’lane, and the cranky old lady Rowena are all after the Sinsar Dubh, Mac is clever enough to not trust any of them, not when their motives for the book remain unclear. Mac 2.0 is nobody’s puppet, not Barrons, not V’lanes; she is her own person and she is willing to do whatever it takes to survive on her own turf.

We’re not getting any closer to solving Alina’s murder but Mac is slowly starting to get answers on her own about the dark book, and what’s truly happening to her world. She’s facing new enemies and gaining new allies including Dani, a cute thirteen year old who has the same fiery passion as Mac’s for killing fae. By the time these two met, I could tell they were going to be quick friends working side-by-side, and fighting against the fae. I love watching scenes of them together because they make such a great team, and in Faefever they will need to use each other more then ever when things turn worse in Dublin.

I love how this series is progressing so far, and I can’t wait to share my review for Faefever!


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