Book Review

Review: Faefever by Karen Marie Moning

faefeverPublished: June 28 2009

Number of pages: 370

Format: mass market paperback

Publisher: Dell

Genre: paranormal, horror, thriller and suspense, fantasy, occult

Audience: adult fiction

Rating: 4/5 owl hoots

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When Mac receives a torn page from her dead sister’s journal, she is stunned by Alina’s desperate words. Mac knows her sister’s killer is nearby and the sidhe-seer is once again on the hunt for the Sinsar Dubh for answers and for revenge. But her quest to find the dark book brings her closer to the changing streets of Dublin where there is a suspicious cop on her tail, and on top of that, she’s on a dangerous alliance with V’lane, a fae prince, and Jericho Barrons, a man of secrets.

My Review: 

After two books in the series, we finally get answers to this dark book that everyone’s been talking about!

But holy crap that ending! I felt like I wanted to smash something against the wall after what had happened! After that jaw dropping and intense cliffhanger, I was absolutely stunned. I couldn’t recover after the effects of that cliffhanger and decided that I needed a short break from this series. I really needed to read something happier so I’ve decided to pick up a different story as a medication after Faefever. This series is escalating to a point where I’m loving every moment of the story so far, and once I’m fully recovered, I’m definitely going back to reading the fever series because, damn, it’s getting so good!

The problem with loving a story so much is that you have no clue where to start, so you begin sprouting nonsense and ending sentences with exclamation marks. I’m going to be careful by taking small steps at a time, starting with my top favorite heroine, MacKayla Lane. Poor Mac, nothings worse than being stuck between two dangerous men, demanding answers from you and trusting that you’re working on their side. I’m talking about V’lane, the immortal fae prince, and Barrons, her employer and shockingly, the man she finds irresistible. I find that shocking because as I mentioned on my last reviews, this man doesn’t stop acting like he’s the toughest, macho man in the city. He treats Mac like he owns her and I hate seeing that in male characters. Barrons continues to be a mystery to me and to Mac, it’s noticeable that he’s hiding secrets but Barron’s is also hiding himself, which is probably why he keeps playing the big tough guy act. For once, I wished Barrons could drop the act and just be human!

V’lane is starting to make more appearances with his perfect sculpted body, his dreamy eyes, and this weird glamor that he gives off to make women want to have sex with him. I don’t find V’lane interesting at all, he’s too much like your perfect knight in shining armor, bestowing Mac with gifts and offering her empty promises, but he’s also unemotional and has zero personality. Even when he bribes her with chocolates and flowers, Mac is smart enough to turn him away which is why I have respect for her. She doesn’t allow men to woo her away and manipulate her into thinking that they can protect her from anything. Not that she needs it because Mac knows how to survive in the dark streets of Dublin by herself.

Mac also has a way of attracting strangers who are either psychotic or on the same mission as her. One of them is Christen who is the first decent, average guy who actually treats Mac with respect, maybe because he’s the only mortal male fighting on the good side. He’s just your everyday guy but with a family history that goes way back in Druid times. Christen is the only male character that I like that neither plays the tough guy act or tries to woo Mac away with empty words. And on top of that, he’s willing to give her long awaited answers about everything that’s going on in Dublin, and also some perspective about Jericho Barrons that we hadn’t known before.

BUT THAT ENDING!!! Oh my god I can’t believe what happened! What will Dublin become and how will Mac save it? But what will happen to Mac? Poor Mac, what will she do now??!! I need to know!! But after that aftermath in Dublin, I need to take a break from this series to recover from that disturbing cliffhanger.

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