Monthly Wrap Up

January Wrap Up!

How was everyone’s first month in 2016? I felt like it flown by really fast. Last month I wanted to try something new on my blog so I started doing the Stacking the Shelves meme on Mondays. It worked out great for sharing new titles that I bought over the weekends whether they were recommendations from the blogosphere or a new book that I found at a bargain price. Since Stacking the Shelves is all about sharing what books we bought, borrowed, and received over the week, I’m skipping my monthly ritual of posting a book haul for January, and doing a wrap up instead.

I read three books this month which isn’t what I planned. I wanted to finish two more except that I didn’t have the time to finish reading them before the end of the month. The first book I read in the New Year was Agatha Christie’s And Then There were None that I received as a special edition for Christmas. I really enjoy a light reading so I find that Agatha Christie’s books are the best choice! The suspense, the murder, the cast of characters killed off one by one in a large house on an abandoned island really put me on edge as to finding out who the killer was. This was a classic whodunit story with the character’s backstory explained and their dark secrets revealed as we inch closer and closer to the last victim and discovering who the serial killer was the whole entire time.

In December I started a new series by Karen Marie Moning. I read Darkfever and fell in love with it! I had to go and buy Bloodfever, Faefever, and the rest of the series. After Faefever I had to take a break after the cliffhanger killed me. I felt like I needed a medication to recover from what had happened in that ending, so I am reluctantly taking a break by reading something happy and contemporary, before going back and finishing this series that is turning out to be my favorite this year! Watching Mac growing up into a whole new person who can kill fae and learn to survive on her own in the dangerous fae-ridden streets of Dublin are my favorite parts of the story. The male lead characters on the other hand, are annoying or sexist, especially Barrons who I really dislike and don’t see how he is at all, irresistible to Mac. I love how this series is progressing that I can’t wait to continue with it again this month.

How was your January? Read anything interesting, new, and exciting?


2 thoughts on “January Wrap Up!”

  1. I have NO idea where the hell January has gone! Time has just been rushing by. Read a really interesting book Fractured by Clar Ni Chonghaile which has just come out and I’ve posted the review up on my blog was such a different choice of book for me but so glad I read it! Am now reading The Secret Life of Winnie Cox by Sharon Maas which is EXCEPTIONAL so far 🙂


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