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Valentines Day Freebie: Top OTPs (One True Pair):

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Top Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish and this week’s topic is another freebie! Valentines is just around the corner so for this week’s Top Tuesday, I’m celebrating my top one true pairs that I’ve admired and rooted for in a series.

1. Ron and Hermione from Harry Potter

My first OTP couple way before I even knew what OTP stood for! When the series was still going on, fans kept arguing whether it should be Harry and Hermione or Ron and Hermione, but I always rooted for team Ron and Hermione. They go well together like oil and water and I just knew they were meant to be. Just watching them bickering at each other in Goblet of Fire after the Yule Ball scene, shows how much they like each other. I couldn’t believe I had to wait until the last book for them to finally kiss!

2. Jacob and Emma Bloom from Miss P’s School for Peculiar Children

Not only are these kids a cute couple but they also make a really great team. Just watching them fight off monsters and rescuing their friends in the series was awe-inspiring. Jacob and Emma were opposites of each other, Jacob being the leader and thinker, and Emma was the brave girl with the guts to take their rescue plan into action.

3. Montgomery and Juliet Monreau from The Madman’s Daughter 

Honestly I had a hard time choosing between Montgomery and Edward Prince. They’re attractive, clever, and charming in their own way and the only difference is that one of them doesn’t have a split murderous personality. I was hoping that Edward and Juliet might end up together and maybe she can use her scientific knowledge to cure Edward so they can be a normal couple, but I suddenly changed my mind after I discovered Juliet’s true feelings for Montgomery. I still felt sorry for Edward’s heartbreak but at least he found his own happiness in the end.

4. Soap and Sophronia from Etiquette and Espionage

Here we have another YA love triangle between Soap, Sophronia, and Lord Mersey. But this was an easy OTP to choose because I never liked Lord Mersey when he showed up. There is just something about a young boy with kohl-rimmed eyes that turns me off for some reason, and on top of that he never had Sophronia’s interests at heart considering whom his father is. Soap is more daring, and doesn’t win her over with charm and looks but with his cleverness and kindness for her and her friends. My only complaint in Curtsies and Conspiracies is that we didn’t get enough scenes of Soap and Sophronia together. As an OTP they should have more scenes

5. Gabriel and Olivia Taylor-Jones from Omens

I don’t care which direction the series is going into, Olivia and Gabriel are meant for each other! Her romance with motorcycle bad boy could only be a fling and I get the feeling that Ricky has a dark identity of his own that may endanger Olivia when he finds out the truth. But I wonder if he knows the truth about himself and Olivia as there were hints from Visions that he knew something that Olivia didn’t, and probably doesn’t want to tell her in case it might jeopardize their relationship. I still think Olivia should give Gabriel a chance as there’s something irresistible about him, and I also think she only chose Ricky because of the sex, I don’t think she actually has romantic feelings for him.


What are your favorite one true pairs? Will you be reading anything this Valentines Day?


3 thoughts on “Valentines Day Freebie: Top OTPs (One True Pair):”

  1. Ron and Hermione are on my list too! I was wanting them to be together as the books progressed as well. Ii remember my mum saying won’t Hermione get together with Harry because he’s the lead and that’s what normally happens and I was like nooooo! Ron and Herminone 4ever! 😛
    My Top Ten Tuesday.


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