Stacking the Shelves

Stacking the Shelves #4:

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Stacking the Shelves is all about sharing your books that you added whether it’s physical or virtual (ebooks). This includes books that you bought physically or online, borrowed, reviewed, and received as gifts! This weekend I decided to take a trip to the local library, something that I haven’t done in a long time especially when I’m so bad at finishing and returning books before their due date. My copy of Egg and Spoon was ready for pick up and since Easter is coming early this month, I thought the title and the cover were perfect to get into the spirit of Easter eggs this season! The synopsis is a different story as the plot is set in Russia during the Tsar times and is based on a Russian folklore.


Then I stopped by at Chapters after work and purchased A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. I don’t think this book needs an introduction as everyone I know has heard and read it before. Luckily for me, this book was selected for this month’s YA Bookclub at Chapters Metrotown so I also got a discount off too. This is one of those titles that has been burning a hole into my TBR and since it’s short, I won’t have a hard time finishing this in just a couple of days before the bookclub meeting.

Over the weekend, I made another pit stop to Chapters and found a paperback edition of Uprooted by Naomi Novik. I hadn’t known the paperback edition came out already and I was relieved to buy it for only $15. From what I heard, the story is like a dark retelling of Beauty and the Beast, which I was hesitant to read at first because I have read awful retellings of the same fairy tale (*ahem* Cruel Beauty). Although I have seen and read thoughtful reviews about the story from booktubers and bloggers before, so it wouldn’t hurt to give this one a try.

What kind of books did you get over the week?


2 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves #4:”

  1. Uprooted isn’t really a Beauty and the Beast retelling, though I can see where some might think that. It is, however, a wonderful fairy tale that combines polish folklore and magic. It was, by far, my favorite book of 2015. I highly recommend it!


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