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Blog Tour: Tell the Wind and Fire by Sarah Rees Brennan + Author Q&A

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Welcome to the Tell the Wind and Fire blog tour! This has been a wonderful opportunity to read the upcoming release of Sarah’s new book and I want to personally thank Raincoast Books for hosting this amazing tour and for Sarah Rees Brennan for taking the time in answering our questions for the Q&A.

This is my first ever blog tour and today, I will be sharing with you my review and I will also be participating in the author Q&A.

tell the wind and fireExpected Publication: April 5 2016

Number of pages: 354

Format: ARC

Publisher: Clarion Books

Genre: dystopian, magic, romance

Audience: YA

Rating: 3/5 owl hoots

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In a city divided between Light and Dark, opulent luxury and fierce privations, is a young woman who is determined to survive while guarding her own secrets.

Lucie Manette was born in the Dark city, but with careful manipulation she won herself over to the Light with a celebrity status and a wealthy, loving boyfriend. But her boyfriend has a secret of his own, one that involves a stranger who is detested by society. Lucie eventually learns of his deadly connection to the man she loves and she can never trust anyone with the truth.

Blood and secrets spill forth, a revolution erupts and with both halves of the city at war, there is no mercy to be found. But can Lucie still save either boy or herself.


My Review:

I was given an advanced reading copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Please do not repost or edit the review without the permission of the blogger.

I confess I have not read any of Sarah’s books but what really drew me in this story was how she played with the theme of The Tale of Two Cities and the characters by setting them up in a dystopian world where it’s Light vs. Dark, blood and rebellions collide, and in the midst is a couple struggling to survive from their secrets, while making their city a better place. After finishing Tell the Wind and Fire, I was inspired to read Dicken’s famous novel.

It was a slow start at first as there was a lot of information dumping to consume with the character’s backstories and the history behind the Light and Dark cities, all of which were relevant but made it hard for me to absorb and retain before the later half of the story. I was more captivated by Carwyn’s character because there was no telling what he was going to do next after his escape. He’s so good at masking his intentions that right when your suspicions about Carwyn were true, he immediately proved everyone wrong and as a result, showed a new side to himself that we never suspected was there. He’s a bad guy but with a good heart and has a surprising love of cupcakes which I appreciated.

Lucie was an interesting one, she’s determined and ends up making her own choices that later define her own future and the city’s. It bothered me how Lucie’s family and friends used her as a prop instead of treating her as a real person who’s opinions mattered just as much. But Lucie manages to allow her true face shine through so that people see the real her, and not another symbol. The more she struggled through the politics, the grief, and the rebellions, made me appreciate her character as she slowly transformed as her own person and realizing her full potential for the bright future ahead.

It was hard for me to be completely absorbed into the story at first because of the slow pacing, but the political struggle and the tension between the Light and Dark cities was very fascinating, and the turning of events at the end, made it worthwhile. It would be interesting if we had the story told in two perspectives: Lucie’s and Ethan’s, that way we can hear Ethan’s side of his story too. You don’t have to read The Tale of Two Cities first, I didn’t and I was still able to follow and submerge myself into this story with the characters, the romance, the revolution, and the magic. It’s a tragic but a romantic story with a surprise and hopeful ending.


Q&A with Sarah Rees Brennan:

Q. Who would you rather date? Ethan or Carwyn and why?

A. I would get in loads of trouble for dating a seventeen year old! (Boys in books: you get older, they stay the same age…)

But I know what you mean. I think my answer would be different depending on how long we’d be dating. Carwyn appreciates quips and cupcakes, which are two of my favourite things, and we could have a great weekend. If we were going out for longer than a weekend, Ethan’s the one who will charm my parents and ask about my day. (And he’s very rich. Diamonds and yachts and ponies are a girl’s best friend.)

Of course, Ethan’s a huuuuuge liar and Carwyn is always acting out because of the ‘having no soul’ business, so neither of them would be what you’d call GREAT boyfriends.


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