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Top Bookworm Delights:

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Top Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish and this week’s topic is bookworm delights. This topic is inspired by Jaime one of the members of Top Tuesday who did a post about all her delightful book related experiences in life. Now it’s our turn to share the things that make us giddy with happiness as a bookworm. There are so many things that I love which revolve around books and reading, so here is my list of bookish delights that always puts a smile on my face!


I love little surprises like taking off the jacket of a hardcover just to peek and see if there is a hidden engraving or even a little message on the front cover. It’s the first thing I do when I pick up a hardcover!

2.Buying second hand/bargain books:

I love buying books, but I also love buying bargain books. I know a couple of local bookstores that I visit frequently where I find amazing titles and for half the price. I also like spreading good karma around by selling my books at a second hand bookstore so that someone else can enjoy them!

3.Walking into a bookstore:

I have bad days and most of the time I find that walking into a bookstore and browsing between shelves with rows and rows of books really cheers me up! Even if I’m not there to shop or looking for a title in particular, simply walking around a bookstore and being surrounded by hundreds of books makes me smile inside.

4.Blog tours:

Blog tours are fun as you get to read ARCs, share what you thought about the author and the book, and participate in fun activities like author Q&A and giveaways. I’m new at this as I finished my first blog tour last month with Raincoast Books. It was lots of fun but when it first started, I was nervous since I didn’t have any experience. I was also really nervous about the author Q&A as I was worried if my question for the author was good enough. But the author thought my question was fun to answer, and reading her book was enjoyable. The experience was totally worthwhile that I signed up for another blog tour!

5.Tweeting to authors (and they tweet you back!):

Twitter is one of the top apps that I frequently check on my phone. I love following authors on Twitter since I use it to share my bookish love and my blog posts to the Twitterverse. Sometimes I will also tweet a shout out about an author to spread the word about their book I loved, but it’s when they reply back to my tweets do I get excited! To me when an author responds to my tweets, it’s like they are replying to my 140-letter fan mail.

6.Gazing at my bookcase:

I don’t know why I do this but I love staring at my bookcase. I feel so serene just sitting on my bed and gazing at all the books lined up neatly in rows. I also do this habit when I’m deciding what to read next too!


What are your bookish delights that make you smile?



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