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Review: Incarnate by Jodi Meadows

incarnate by jodi meadowsPublished: September 19 2013

Number of pages: 374

Format: hardcover

Publisher: Katherine Tegan Books

Genre: fantasy, romance, utopian, mystery

Audience: YA

Rating: 1/5 owl hoots

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Ana is a no soul. For thousands of years in Range, millions of souls have been reincarnated over the years, keeping their memories and experiences from previous lifetimes. When Ana was born, another soul vanished and no one knows why. Even Ana’s mother thinks she’s a no soul and has kept her away from society. Determined to escape her seclusion, Ana travels to Heart and meets Sam, who believes that Ana’s new soul is good and worthwhile. Sam stands up for her and soon, their relationship blossoms. But can Sam love someone who only lives once and will Ana’s enemies let them be together?

My Review: 

I am going to be completely honest here. Reading this was a chore. I only picked up this book because the storyline sounds really interesting; a story about reincarnation, and souls, and people living in a utopian society with dragons and sylphs. This series has been around for a long time and I’ve heard people saying good things about the story after the books were released. So after sitting in my shelf for over a year, I decided that it’s time for me to pick it up. I started with having no expectations about the story. I was very curious in the beginning after introduced to Ana, a no soul, someone who was never reincarnated and is discriminated by everyone at Heart because she was born as someone else. After she made her appearance and bumped into a guy named Sam, the story plummets from there.

There are no other words to describe my feelings for this story as I was just so bored of it after reading ten chapters. First we meet Ana a no soul for being born instead of reborn as Ciana. When Ana was discriminated by her mother Li and the rest of the residents at the city of Heart, I was so angry. It’s not Ana’s fault that she was born! Seriously, I was so mad of how people were treating Ana like she didn’t belong in their perfect society, turning her backs on her just because she was different, because she wasn’t one of them, even going so far to blame Ciana’s death on her. I was disgusted at their behavior especially with Li’s who only saw Ana as a burden rather than thinking about her well being and the emotional turmoil that she’s going through. These people even go so far to blame her when dragons attack the city! Really? Did Ana commend the dragon to attack their city? Um, no so I don’t see how the dragon attacks were her fault. I was so mad at how they treated Ana that it was hard for me to continue without dropping this book in spite, but I carried on anyways.

The only good guy Ana meets is Sam, a reincarnate and resident of Heart who takes her in and teaches her art and music. At first they started out as friends but it was easy to pick up on the hints and the love chemistry between these two. Sam is the only character I like more then Ana. He’s kind and caring of Ana, intelligent, and an artist as he plays the piano really well and can even compose his own music. I could also add loyalty on the list but he keeps hiding secrets from Ana; secrets that could have led to her safety if he only confided in her. That’s what I think and maybe if Ana wasn’t so defensive to Sam she would have mentioned about how Li was threatening her; I don’t see why she shouldn’t have as he’s there to protect Ana from her loveless mother anyways.

I found it difficult to like Ana’s character. On the plus side, I admired how she learned to manage on her own without Sam and Li but I still found her naïve and a little wishy-washy. I understand what she’s going through, the outsider from Heart raised by a cruel mother and with no friends before she met Sam, but I just wished she was more confident in herself. Aside from the characters, the big problem I had was the pacing as it was way too slow that I lost my interest in the plot, even the dragon appearances wasn’t enough to pull me back in.

Overall, I wasn’t sucked into the storyline like everyone else. When the book came out a few years ago, many readers loved it, but maybe this book isn’t for me. The plot took long to develop, many of the characters irritated me, I’m still upset of how Ana is discriminated for her existence, and after the ending I was still unimpressed. And to be honest, I really wanted to DNF this book too but since I was close to finishing it, I had to encourage myself to keep on reading and even that felt like a chore. I guess this book wasn’t for me.


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