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Four Year Blogerversery!

happy fourth blogerversery

Happy blogerversery to Hoot Reads Books!

This month has been pretty busy for me, and not just for my blog but I’ve been job hunting and attending interviews, so I’ve been under a lot of pressure lately. It’s because I’ve been so consumed with my job search that today, I admit that I almost forgot about my blog’s anniversary. But it’s a good thing I remembered to check what date it was or else I might have missed it completely!

This year has been a great year for Hoot Reads Books! I’ve started receiving ARCs from Raincoast Books which is a huge deal for me because I had no idea how to request ARCs except from Goodreads giveaways, and I can finally start reading new titles in advance! I have also signed up for blog tours which at first I was nervous of, because this was a new territory for me but I eventually got the hang out of it, and I’ve enjoyed the author Q&A’s (I’m known to think of fun questions).

I also went to my first ever Book Preview hosted by Raincoast Books last month and in 2 weeks, I plan on meeting a local author for her new book With Malice, which I’m currently reading. It’s a psychological thriller about a girl who wakes up from a hospital and has no memory of her trip to Italy with her best friend. What’s worse is that she later finds out that her friend was murdered but has no recollection of it. I can’t wait to meet Eileen Cook at her book launch and have her sign my copy! I’ve never met an author before so I’m pretty nervous too.

And lastly, saving the best news for last, I was recently approached by one of my favourite authors of all time to review her new novella set to release later this month! This is HUGE guys because I’ve never been asked to review anyone’s book before, but when 2 weeks ago I saw a Facebook message from my page, my curiosity turned to excitement as I later found out who it was! I’ll give you a hint: she’s known for writing steampunk comedy of manners set in the Victorian Era with romance featuring girl spies in the same universe. She also released her last book in her YA series last fall and is coming out with a sequel to her new series for adults set in the same universe but it’s like a spinoff to one of the characters from her last series. That’s the best I can describe her books without revealing any names, but if you can guess who it is, leave it in the comments below! I won’t tell anyone yet but I will be posting my review for her novella before the release date of June 21. If you like a hint for her novella, it’s about a young lady in English society who has a nasty reputation that may involve her history of dead husbands. She is also known for hosting elegant house parties, and the last one was suppose to have minimal bloodshed, if it weren’t for a Scottish gentleman working for the enemy. There! Have you guessed who the author is yet?

I have accomplished quite a lot for my blog in the last years, and I am happy of what I achieved. I’ve recently hit a breakthrough and as a book blogger, I’ve made time to attend local bookish events, met other bloggers, and also participated in blog tours (which are great fun!) I’m very proud of how my blog has progressed over the years and how much I have grown as a person. I also like to say a special thank you to everyone one of you for following me on this journey! A toast to another successful year of blogging!



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