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Why I’m on Hiatus (which I later start to ramble a bit)

How long am I on hiatus you ask?

I’m not sure

Why am I on hiatus?

Because…well there’s a story behind it which I will explain later

Are you going back to blogging?

Of course!

When are you coming back?

Still not sure.

Now here’s the story…

If you’ve been following me, you know by now that I’ve only been using this blog mainly to write reviews. But in the previous months I stopped writing. This could be because of a long slump that has stretched since April, but I have thought deeply about this and I personally think there is a bigger reason to this. Nothing super stressful or unfortunate has happened in my personal life that has prevented me from writing reviews. Instead I have been feeling unenthusiastic to write so much that my inclination to update my blog with new reviews has dwindled. I would spend hours looking at my screen and not coming up with anything relevant to say about the book I read. Maybe this is the symptom of a slump; I just thought it was the result of feeling less inclined to write period.

I haven’t given up on writing yet, just yesterday I found myself dusting off my journal I bought last year, and writing a 4 page entry in it. It wasn’t much as I wrote about stuff that happened in my life, but I wrote something and that has to mean something. Perhaps this is a sign that I am returning back to my old writer self again, and that maybe I can start writing a review about this interesting sci-fi adult novel in a series that I’m finishing with. I can only hope that old feeling doesn’t disappear from me again and that I will soon go back to typing words on a document.

I am writing this because I don’t want you to feel like I no longer care for my readers because I care about each and everyone who has read, liked, commented my reviews and followed me. Every like I receive, every comment I read matters to me. Every one of you matter to me.

I started this because I wanted to share my love of reading of books I loved or didn’t love, and I am going to keep doing just that. I realized now that I wrote more than 400 words on this post! Wow…is it too late to write that that was totally unintentional? I didn’t plan on writing that many words, I guess I have been rambling on a bit.

This is  bye for now but you will see me next time.


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