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December 2019 New Releases

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Happy holidays everyone! It’s that wonderful time of year to spend with your loved ones decorating the tree, exchanging gifts, and enjoying every precious moment with family and friends as this year comes to an end. As we brave through the malls shopping for gifts, don’t forget to treat yourself with these new releases.  Continue reading “December 2019 New Releases”

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November 2019 New Releases:

november bannerDid anyone else feel like October went by pretty quick? Thanksgiving and Halloween are now over and the next BIG holiday is just around the corner. And with this holiday comes the time to start thinking about gift giving. For those of you who like to plan ahead and stay away from the chaos inside the malls in December, here is a list of November new releases that you could add to your list or if you’re looking for something comforting to read this winter.

1. The Toll by Neal Shusterman (release date: November 5 2019)

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I am very excited to see how this trilogy ends. The first two books surpassed my expectations and I am very impressed with how the story and the characters are developing. This is the conclusion set in the world where Scythes exist inside a utopian like city so that death continues to happen. The sequel was a plot twister so I’m looking forward to how it all ends. Continue reading “November 2019 New Releases:”

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October 2019 New Releases:

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Wow September felt like it went by pretty quick! Autumn has finally come and it’s the season for sweaters, cardigans, and scarfs. It’s also the month for Halloween, the perfect reading atmosphere for these new books. 

The Library of the Unwritten by A.J. Hackwith (release date: October 1 2019)

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The first book in a new adult fantasy series about unfinished books by their authors residing inside the Library of the Unwritten Hell, and it is up to the Librarians to track down any restless characters who emerge from these unfinished books. This book sounds like it’s right up my alley as I also started reading another series similar to this one called the Invisible Library. I can’t wait to see how this story is written! Continue reading “October 2019 New Releases:”

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July and August 2019 New Book Releases

As my lists for July and August are short, I’ve decided to put them together. The school term is finally over and with longer days and more sun, there is no better way to read a book then outdoors on a patio or at a beach with an umbrella, a hat, and an ice cold drink at hand.

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David Mogo, Godhunter by Suyi Davies Okungbowa

An adult urban fantasy that deals with a Nigerian God punk. Wow, I never heard of that before. So picture this: on the streets of Lagos, David Mogo, is a demigod and a Godhunter tasked to capture a high god. Then a wizard shows up and conjures an army of gosling-child hybrids to help him take over Lagos. And so, David teams up with his foster wizard, the high god’s twin sister, and a speech impaired Muslim teenager to defeat the wizard. Continue reading “July and August 2019 New Book Releases”

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June 2019 New Book Releases

A number of things happened before I could even write this post. After falling for a phishing email I had to scan my computer a few times to make sure there were no viruses. Then the Raptors were playing so I was distracted for awhile, and then afterwards, I remembered that I needed to write this post. Summer has arrived so fast that I hadn’t even realized it came! Enjoy the beginning of summer with these new anticipated releases.


1. Stronger than a Bronze Dragon by Mary Fan

The words ‘mechanical dragon’ caught my eye as I was reading the Goodreads synopsis and my fingers immediately added this title into my TBR shelf. An epic fantasy featuring a viceroy, a fleet of mechanical dragons, a sacred River Pearl, and a poor village girl determined to protect her home from the viceroy by going on an epic quest across the lands. Continue reading “June 2019 New Book Releases”

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May 2019 New Book Releases

May the 4th be with you! And may this month bring you tons of new YA books for you to enjoy while we celebrate our love of all things literary from Free Comic Book Day to Harry Potter Day.



1. Nocturna by Maya Motayne

I received an ARC of this and so far, I am enjoying it. A Latino inspired world of fantasy with a face changing thief and a prince riddled with grief and obsession of bringing his brother back. These two are unlikely to team up but when they do, Finn and Prince Alfehr must defeat a powerful evil they accidentally unleashed.  Continue reading “May 2019 New Book Releases”

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April New Book Releases

This month brings us new romances, deadly assassins, returning fangirls, a Regency mystery, and powerful stories of identity and learning to speak out. I think everyone will find a book here that suits them whether you choose to read curled up in bed, or sitting outside underneath the sun enjoying a refreshing beverage and a good book.

361186821) Wicked Saints by Emily Duncan

I am currently reading the ARC and so far, the story and characters are interesting but I am having trouble just enjoying this book. Maybe I went in with too high expectations given the hype around this one? I will let you know in my full review later. Meanwhile, this story has assassins who can weave blood magic, and battles with nightmarish monsters, along with political wars. Continue reading “April New Book Releases”

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March New Book Releases:

Spring has arrived! Out of the cold, freezing weather comes warmer temperatures, clear skies and sunshine. I love the spring, it’s the season of renewal and new life, with trees and plants turning green and flowers blossoming in full colour. It’s also a great time of year for new books coming out this month. My list is short but these books are worth the wait if you are into DC comics, fantasy and thriller!

297490941) Superman: Dawnbreaker

A group of YA authors were selected to pick a DC character to rewrite their story. This time it is Matt de la Pena’s turn to write Superman’s story. Superman is second on my list of favourite DC characters after Batman, and it will be amazing to see how Superman’s character is rewritten for young adult audiences. Keep in mind that Superman’s character is rewritten to fit into this story so chances are, it’s not 100% accurate to the comic book character. It’s important that you read this with an open mind and not criticize it too hard for not being accurate because it wasn’t meant to. Continue reading “March New Book Releases:”