How I Rate My books

I thought it would be convenient to explain my rating system that I use for reviewing books. In case you’re wondering I use the term “hoot” as in the sound of an owl, to rate each book.

I use a total of 5 hoots for each book

1 hoot = book isn’t worth it. Might as well toss it off the shelf or throw it in the paper shredder, or saw with a chain saw or by any other means of getting rid of it for good.

2 hoots = sadly I still didn’t enjoy the book. It was ok but could have been better as there were problems with the story, plot holes, character development, etc. Just because I rate a book with 2 hoots doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad. You can still read it if you’re interested.

3 hoots = book was pretty good, average at best. A book with 3 hoots is like getting a B+, it’s really good and I liked it. So I have no problems adding this one on my shelf.

4 hoots = book is really really really really good (noticed now many times I used “really”?) That means I enjoyed the book a lot and would recommend it for anybody (as long as it’s age appropriate as sometimes I read teen fiction and books suitable for older adults but I would note this in my reviews).

5 hoots = book was remarkable! Fantastic! Amazing! Spectacular! Spiffing! Awesome! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! A definite must read book before you die!


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