About Me

Hi my name is Connie and this is my book blog. I love reading and I like owls so I made up this blog with the name hoot reads books.

I am obsessed with reading! After reading one book, I find another and if there isn’t one, I go to the nearest bookstore and find another. Sometimes I would buy 3 at a time but this can be a problem because than I have this ever-growing pile of books to read so I suddenly feel overwhelmed.

I love reading mystery, some horror, romance, and best of all FANTASY! I absolutely love fantasy novels as they’re a source of imagination and can take you to strange newer worlds you only remembered as a child. I grew up with Harry Potter and the Narnia books so this has been a growing obsession for me. I’ve read dark fantasy, nightmarish fantasy, and urban fantasy. Sometimes I also like to be adventurous and explore other genres that are outside my comfort zone. I absolutely LOVE reading YA too! But I’m not just going to review YA books as I like to mix things up a little and read adult books.

Authors I always enjoy reading from include Neil Gaiman, Gail Carriger, Kelley Armstrong, and Alan Bradley. There’s plenty more but they are my top favorites. And if I had to live on an island with only 5 books they would be: The Buckshaw Chronicles Volume 1, Etiquette & Espionage, Rags & Bones, Stardust, and The Chronicles of Narnia. But if there was a library I would just get a card instead.

Besides reading I do yoga, watch movies, and learning to bake, and I love watching NBC Hannibal and BBC Sherlock.



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