Book Haul, Monthly Wrap Up

February Bookhaul + Wrapup:

Last month wasn’t the greatest reading month. I only read two books which is the lowest number I ever hit in a month. The good news is that I got a pretty good haul including an ARC which I haven’t had in a long time, and is connected to some really good news that I can’t wait to share with you all! I don’t want to announce the goods news yet so you will have to wait and see, but I will give you a small hint: it’s got something to do with the ARC for Tell the Wind and Fire that I received from Random House Canada! And that’s all I’m going to say about that. Continue reading “February Bookhaul + Wrapup:”

Book Haul, Monthly Wrap Up

My December Wrapup + Mini Book Haul


Before I begin I like to apologize for not posting my November wrapup. I’ve been working on a full-time position last year that it was so hard to keep up with my blogging. I had such a difficult time reading too, that I’m sad to say that my November wrapup was very meager. I remember only reading one or two books but that’s it. I think that was the reason I didn’t post a wrapup for that month because I didn’t see the point of discussing only a couple of books. Either that or I was just so preoccupied with my job and the stress that carried with it that I had no energy at all to sit and write. Even writing one review was difficult enough as I would find myself staring at my computer trying to come up with one sentence, and when I do, I suddenly get a writer’s block (if you call that a writer’s block). Continue reading “My December Wrapup + Mini Book Haul”

Book Haul

September Book Haul:

I still can’t believe September has gone; it just seems too soon for the month to be over. Very soon Halloween will arrive and then it’s two more months until the year is over. I’m going to try and not think about that now because there are way too many things for me to enjoy in the present to think about the end of the year, like my October TBR for instance! So many new titles are planned for release this month and I’m completely frazzled on what to read next. So far, I’m currently reading Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs and I’m loving it! Very soon I will read Queen of Shadows and other books planned for this month.

September 2015 book haul

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Book Haul

My surprisingly large August Book Haul:

So this month I ended up buying more books then I planned. I know this happens to a lot of people, but I had a solid budget for spending on books. But since the beginning of August I have been spending hours online researching for new titles and editions, that I went to store after store without realizing that what started out as an innocent looksee, turned to a shopping spree. I ended up spending approximately $70 this month which was totally unanticipated as I only meant to buy a few books, not a pile! After realizing how much I spent, I declared going on a book ban next month. Will I stick to it? Personal experiences say no, but I’m going to try anyways as I really don’t want to break the bank again.

August book haul 2015

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Book Haul, Monthly Wrap Up

Late July Wrap up + Very Small Book Haul

Hello everybody! How’s everyone’s summer going? I’m so sorry for posting my July wrap up so late. I’m a little behind with my reviews as well; I have 3 reviews that I will try and post next week and this includes books that I recently read last month. After that my blog schedule should return back to normal.

I hate to be the one to say but it’s August and you know what that means: 3 more weeks until September. So there is only 3 weeks of summer left and that means 3 more weeks of summer reading before September rolls in. Since summer is near at its end, I want to focus on squeezing in as many contemporary books as I could and focus on series that I either need to catch up on or start reading before September because that is when the new books come out. But I will worry about my TBR later, right now I want to get this wrap up and book haul out of the way. Continue reading “Late July Wrap up + Very Small Book Haul”

Book Haul, Monthly Wrap Up

June Wrap Up + Bookhaul:

June wrapupI know it’s late to post my wrap up and bookhaul from last month so I decided to combine this into one post.

Two months ago I mentioned in my last wrap up that I would be reading more sequels in June. Sadly that did not happen as I can be quite the mood reader. Instead I read a bunch of graphic novels and contemporary books as I am trying to break into the habit of reading only fantasy. I’m pretty satisfied with the books that I’ve read; graphic novels probably don’t count as actual books but I’m still including them in my wrap up anyways. Continue reading “June Wrap Up + Bookhaul:”

Book Haul

Book Haul – May Edition (part 2)

May bookhaul part 2

Yesterday I showed you my book haul from my mad shopping spree at Chapters Indigo, but before that I also went to local bookstores where I found other great books at a good bargain. This includes the complete set of the Throne of Glass series (which is still ongoing) and the first book in the Infernal Devices trilogy, Clockwork Angel. I heard nothing but excellent reviews for Throne of Glass and I was surprise to find the UK edition! Continue reading “Book Haul – May Edition (part 2)”

Book Haul

Book Haul- May Edition (part 1):

Introducing my first book haul posting! I bought and received so many books last month that I wanted to share them with you and I will be doing this on my blog every month depending on the number of books I buy.

So last month two big things happened: it was my birthday and birthdays can only mean one thing, books books books! The other big thing that happened is a Chapters Indigo store in Vancouver was having a closing sale where everything was 50% off! I repeat 50% off on all the books in the entire store! When I first saw this news on Twitter I instantly went mad and made a dash to the store to get my hands on books that have been burning on my TBR for a long time. It was a good thing I went there on their first day of their storewide sale or else the good books would be gone.

May Bookhaul part 1

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