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Cover Reveal: Manners & Mutiny by Gail Carriger

Let’s take a moment here and adore the beautiful cover of Gail’s fourth book in the Finishing School series: Manners & Mutiny!

manners & mutiny by gail carriger

Have you been following the series like I have? Then you’re twice as excited as I am with the cover revealing! After the startling cliffhanger in Waistcoats & Weaponry involving that drastic crisis with the picklemen, Sophronia will finish what she started in the upcoming fourth book of the series (with quality of course).

After the last book came out last year, I noticed that the cover designs are clever not just in art but they also reveal some hints to the next story. In the cover of Waistcoats & Weaponry Sophronia was carrying her first weapon of choice: a steep tip fan that has proven to be a fashionable accessory and a lethal weapon. She was also wearing the same dress to her coming out ball that was both functional and practical as Sophronia was escaping from picklemen while commandeering a train.

Now she carries a huge crossbow! Personally I prefer the fan as it’s both stylish and dangerous, and I can’t imagine how you could fit a huge crossbow in the dress of your corset. There’s also that large orb dangling around her neck, which appears suspicious for some reason. Is it some key to a secret weapon that will play a large role in the next plot or just a fashionable accessory? I guess we won’t find out in the conclusion of Gail’s bestselling steampunk series for YA in November 3! Picklemen beware…Sophronia is coming!


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